Elders & Deacons


Bobby Bransford
Barry Doss    Philip Frye 

    We, the Elders of the Lafayette Church of Christ, would like to praise and honor the forefathers of our present day church. It is with deepest resolve that we honor and recognize the founding fathers of our present day church.

    The early evangelist paved the way through their untiring efforts and dedication to the teaching of God'sword that has made it possible to help the growth of the early church in Lafayette.

     The Lafayette Church of Christ continues to grow today as a result of good Christian values and teaching of God's word. The Lafayette church is a loving congregation who has a desire to spread the gospel to every individual whether local or abroad. The church is blessed with great facilities, good classes for all age groups and good programs such as: Vacation Bible School, Church Camps, Young Couples Retreat, Primetimers, Christmas Program, Thanksgiving Prayer Service, Men's & Women's Fellowship Breakfasts, Monthly Bible Study, plus many more programs.

    As Elders, we would like to see our church continue to grow, both in numbers and spiritually. Through a dedicated effort in inviting those that do not attend church, we hope to see a steady growth in our weekly attendance.

    Through diligent and dedicated efforts, we can foresee our morning worship service attendance increasing to in excess of 350 in the very near future. We hope for continued support financially from our church  members each Sunday in order to meet our monthly budget and increase our commitments to the mission work.

    In addition to growth in numbers, we wish for the spiritual growth of each and every member by their active participation in all of our church activities.

    It is time to give God the praise and look to the future for additional growth.

The Elders